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Established in 2009 we set out to achieve our own take on a letting agency. As a buy to let landlord, and spending years watching what other agents were doing well (and not so well in many cases), I felt “I could do this better”.... The one key element missing was service. Poor service led to little trust and respect from both tenants and landlords.

Not many agents are proud of their jobs/careers/company... If you are offering a good quality service and product to the end user why would you not be proud..... I am absolutely proud of my company and what we offer to landlords and tenants across Shropshire.

A unique selling point in a very crowded market place can be hard to find.... what can I say. We offer what other letting agencies offer only better (modest i know!). Care, attention, trust, integrity, openness, loyalty, communication, and above all impeccable knowledge of the process and market. All of our staff are constantly working on their personal development to offer the best possible experience to our customers.

Our staff have taken on board fully our ethics. To date we recruited staff with no prior knowledge of the lettings market, however a passion for property, this may seem crazy but works incredibly well. No bad habits, no preconceptions, just a good professional happy person with a love of all things property. We train and develop our staff to understand all aspects of the lettings market, the good the bad, and the ugly.

Since starting in 2009 our ethics remain the same, however we have had to adapt constantly to the ever changing lettings market.

Naturally over the years we have evolved and our knowledge has improved, we now have a record of smooth running tenancies, and a couple of bumpy rides too! Combine this with my addiction of reviewing the property market and my husband’s background in finance I think we have the key areas of lettings, property management, and property investment covered...

I look forward to speaking with you soon....


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